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ASM - Pupil Testimonials

Steve Nahar - Test Pass date 4th April 2013. Test pass second time

Thank you so much ASM for your excellent driving skills that I passed my driving test. Without your motivation and guidance it looked like a mission impossible! your experience as an instructor played an important role in my becoming a driver. You not only boosted my confidence but also taught me the very basics of driving which no other instructor can teach. Your friendly approach and good teaching skills would help numerous trainees in years to come! Thank you very much once again and would certainly recommend ASM to other aspirant drivers as well.

Aleem Umair - Test Pass date 27th March 2013. Test pass second time

I pass my Car Practical test on 27th march 2013, as I have never drive car before in my life Bt it's all due to Mr Atif (ASM) I pass my test in 2nd attempt. He's more a friend than a teacher n provide u proper guidance under his vast experience, i Recommend everyone to go to ASM, Thanks ASM.

Bola Adebayo - Test Pass date 19th March 2013. Test Pass First Time

Got to know about ASM after researching the internet, I called up requesting for an intensive course! Due to bad learning experiences in the past, I was very nervous about driving again but then I met Atif my instructor who did put me at ease! He's very friendly and patient, he's teaching skills are excellent! He was flexible and always on time for lesson! All his lessons are structures to make sure you are well equipped and ready for the test. I am very happy to say that I passed FIRST time with ASM and I will gladly recommend ASM to any nervous pupil out there because if can pass then anyone can pass with ASM.

Anum Qasim - Test Pass date 6th March 2013. Test pass first time

My experience with ASM cars was awesome, I passed my practical test in first attempt. Atif is an excellent instructor, very sweet and the way he explains things make driving easy. I always thought I will never be able to do parallel parking but just because of Atif and ASM cars I was able to do each and everything thing properly. Their services are superb! Very flexible with scheduling the lessons. I would 100% recommend ASM driving school. Especially good for those who are from India, Pakistan, Kashmir as they speak all the languages so communication becomes easy.
ASM rock!! =D

Talant - Test Pass date 7th February 2013. Test pass first time.

Thank you very much Atif Am very happy i passed my test first time. Will definitely recommend anyone I know. You are a very patient instructor and you made me feel comfortable when driving ,keep it up :) :):)

Anita - Test Pass date 1st February 2013. Test pass first time.

Thank you very Mr Atif for helping me to pass the driving test. You were very patient and very good in your instructions. l would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends

Trishna Shah - Test pass date – 21st November 2011

I was learning to drive since 2008 and after letting down by 4 instructors I contacted ASM with whom I passed my test 1st time. It was really great experience and worth a penny as ASM driving school is very friendly to learn with. ASM is very easy to talk to. He made me comfortable and motivated me in each and every step of my driving. I am so pleased that I was referred to ASM and I would have no doubt to tell people to contact ASM for their lessons. I was very happy when examiner told me that I have passed my test and I thank ASM for that. Thank you so much for your help and support which made my test passed 1st time. I had really a great experience to learn with you and wish you every success in future. Trishna.

Shabana - Test pass date: Feb 2009

Hi, this is Shabana and this is a testimonial with regards to my driving experience with ASM driving school, prior to having lessons with ASM, I had low self asteem and low confidence, My instructor, Atif helped me build up my confidence and made me feel I can pass my driving test just after taking a few lesson I felt he was motivating me and I felt I could pass my test. Born in Pakistan my first language is Urdu, so language was a barrier but Atif being biolingowol helped a lot. I pass my test first time in Feb 2009 and he's a great driving instructor and good luck to ASM driving school in the future, Thanks

Zameer Shad - Test Pass on 25-May-2011

Teaching method with techniques of controlling the vehicle awareness of the road surface and risk of damage to the vehicle check the engine and anticipate on the road keeping calm and relaxed while learning to drive giving extra broad knowledge of vehicles and built full Confidence and Skills on the road Excellent Rate & Friendly . I am very thankful of you teaching me driving and helping me bring success.

Ifrah Tariq - Test Pass Date: 22nd November 2010

Very good service and excellent instructor. Thanks ASM

Nino Mihajlovic - Test Pass Date 28/08/2012 (First Time)

I chose ASM driving school as my friend recommended it, they have excellent reputation. I am so glad I went with them. Thank you for getting me through the first time and making the process enjoyable.

Mandeep - Test Pass Date 22/08/2012 (First Time)

Thank you ASM has very professional and patient instructor because of your guidance and advice I have passed my driving test first time today 22/08/2012 and I believe purely that if you have a excellent good driving instructor to boost your confidence it shows in the driving test all the skills you need to pass your driving test. Thank you once again and best wishes

Arindna - Test Pass Date 20/08/2012

I want to say a big thank you to ASM as I have had a bad experience with another driving school ASM helped me in getting through my test and leaving me confident about driving alone in the future. The lessons were well structured and problem areas were ironed out in a calm and professional way. I could not have asked for more.

Sohail Mohammod Lal - Test Pass Date 06/08/2012

ASM was by far the best driving school I had out of 2 others they taught me what I needed to know and beyond in order to be a responsible and good driver. The clear instructions and patience gave me the ability and confidence I needed to pass my driving test. I am so pleased and would like to recommend them to everyone.

Ashfaq Mohammod - Test Pass Date 31/07/2012

I know i have been probably the hardest person to teach but I appreciate your understanding I would like to say a big thank you to ASM for the patience and skilful instructions given to me over the past 2 months resulting in passing my driving test it is a great comfort for our family to receive tutions at such standard as we we enjoy every moment of driving ASM is a first class driving school.

Same - Test Pass Date 04/07/2012

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through my driving test. ASM has always to collected and dropped me off where ever I needed which was a great help I passed my test last Monday and I am thrilled to be driving ASM made me a safe and confident driver I would recommend them to everyone.

Jawad - Test Pass Date 11/06/2012

A sincere thank you to ASM who stepped in at short notice to prepare for my second driving test which I passed I was learning else were and having failed first time was making slow progress despite an anomous amount of lessons with 2 different schools 3 weeks prior to my test I was told that I wasn't ready and need to change the date and take further lessons I was recommended ASM and we couldn't have been in better hands ASM took us a trial lesson and gave us a full knowledgeable assessment of my abilities they could have told us that i need many more lessons but they didn't they prepared us with small amount of lesson and I saw an immediate improvement in my driving I passed my second test with few minors and was thrilled. I recommend ASM unreservedly our only regret was not coming to you in the first place.

Partab Singh - Test Pass Date 30/04/2012

I am very pleased that I chose ASM to commence my lessons in an automatic vehicle my instructor got me through my driving test for which I will always be grateful been an older person didn't bother my instructor. His professionalism and expertise helped me no end and his patience was consistent to the end he was extremely accommodative with lessons time and date to suite my life style and never let me down.

Naeem baber - Test Pass Date 17/04/2012

Choosing ASM to teach me to drive was a brilliant choice I had lesson previously with one of the large well know driving school and felt that I was just "another pupil" but with ASM I was treated like an individual. the lessons were excellent well structured well planned good fun but most of all you left each one feeling like you were one step closer to passing your test and being a driver I don't feel like one lesson or more importantly one penny was wasted on any of my lessons I have a very busy working life and the flexibility of timings available for lessons was fantastic I would recommend ASM to  anyone who is looking to learn to drive.

Patric - Test Pass Date 16/04/2012

I had lessons to pass Taxi ASM was the only school I could find nearby that gave lessons for the Taxi assessment with qualified instructor. Instruction were great and always willing to help and answer questions weather in lesson or over phone I highly recommend ASM to everyone.

Sen Thuran - Test Pass Date: 06/09/2012

Today I passed my Driving test with a major help from the ASM Driving School. ASM Driving School is very friendly and helpful institution. The Instructor is very friendly and very punctual with his students. He always pointed out my mistakes and made sure until I’m fully confident in them and made sure I won’t repeat that same mistakes in future.

Back in 2008 my dad passed his Driving test with ASM Driving School and because of their punctual friendly and highly standard teaching skills he recommended them to me. However it’s take a bit long time me to pass my test but every time I make a mistakes my instructor helped me to solve them once and for all.

I would personally and really recommend ASM Driving School to everyone. They are real friendly and help us to get a safe driving life.

Shahid Mehmood - Test pass January 2010

I know ASM Driving School long time, I pass my test, my nephew pass his test, my sister pass her test, my 2 work people pass their test from ASM Driving School.


Shail Kalyan - Test Pass Date: December 2011
ASM driving school has given me the confidence to drive locally and around the country. Their exceptionally competent driving instructors taught me the skills with a great deal of patience and provided me with a comfortable driving experience. Testing my skills with mock tests prepared me to plan ahead and be independent on the roads. They taught me the latest, easy to remember skills to master the craft. If you wish to have a smooth journey, then ASM is the best choice! With one of the highest success rates in the area, you’re sure to have one of the best driving experiences.

My father and my best friend passed their practical tests first time round after learning from the skilled instructors at ASM. I also passed my driving test first time*. Rest assured, you will be in safe and capable hands.

*After a successful appeal.